Are You Busy Swimming or Staying Afloat?

I know work is busy, it is for everyone, and when someone suggests improvements to your already “busting at the seams” company, most of you will shrug it off saying you are just too busy such things.

However in saying that, you are also saying you are too busy to: 

Create a culture that embraces collaboration

Put processes in place that save time and money

Teach, train, encourage, and appreciate your employees

Learn about your customer’s needs and buying preferences

Create effective ways and messaging to reach your target market


…And in saying those things, you are also saying you are too busy, for your customers!

Wait a minute, isn’t the customer the reason each of us are in business? YES!

Ok, now that you’ve had a reality check, let’s find out what you are “busting at the seams” with, that is keeping your business from improving.

The simple answer may be that you don’t know what to improve upon because you don’t have a CLEAR VISION of where you are going. Instead, you spin your wheels and focus your attention on things like:

JEALOUSY - Paying more attention to what your competitors are doing than to what you should be doing

REACTION – Being reactive to the marketplace or a situation without having done your research on, if, where, and how much of your resources to put in

MAKE-WORK PROJECTS – Spending way too much time on paper pushing and unproductive meetings for the sake of having meetings

ADMINISTRATION – Using all of your resources to fulfill administrative obligations, rather than using some of it to build your business

FEAR – Looking for ways to justify your current situation because you feel safer there

NEGATIVITY – Allowing toxic people, situations, and past experiences to infiltrate your business that you then have to manage


Ok, you may be thinking that I’m talking directly to you, and if I am, please don’t feel guilt and lunge into any project just so that you can say, “see, I did something productive for my company”, and then just go back to your old ways. I say this because most “busting at the seams” companies, choose their projects from a roulette wheel, and can’t understand why they fail.

Instead, do these two things first:

1 - Be sure each staff member well knows your value proposition

2 - Know how your value proposition differs from you competitors

 Now you are in a position to test your daily activities and those of the entire company up against your value proposition. If they don’t support it, you can confidently eliminate the time wasters like jealousy, reaction, make-work projects, unnecessary administration, fear, and negativity.

Imagine how much better you can now spend your time if you have a vision, where you make each task, relationship, project, function, and goal in support of your value proposition.


Athena Taddei, President

Little Fish Big Pond Inc.