Four Things You Can See When Your Business Experiences Low Tides:

Just as sure as the gravitational forces from the sun and the moon, and the rotating earth cause the tides to ebb and flow, your business will also experience regular high tides and low tides.

Metaphorically speaking, you would think that low tides represent a lack of business and other negative factors that impact your company. However, it can also represent a myriad of opportunities if you look for them.

Four Things You Can See When Your Business Experiences Low Tides:

1 -Low Tides Bring Clearer Waters

Low tide represents the ideal opportunity to examine and make sure your company is living up to your brand's promise of quality, value, service, results, and integrity.

2 - Low Tides Wash Up Debris

Low tides are a perfect time to take a serious look at the things that drag down your business. You can finally see the piles of bookkeeping and administration, tend to other unresolved matters and see for the first time, the issues you never knew even plagued your company.

3 - Low Tides Wash Up Unlikely Fish and Vegetation

Low tides also present opportunities that you never realized were within your reach. Appreciate those moments and look around at possibilities that can grow and evolve your company to something greater.

4 - Low Tides Allow You to Walk Out Further

Low tides in your business force you to walk out further than ever before and the reward for such bravery is finding new business.

Next time the inevitable low tide comes, take the time to appreciate the clarity, success, and secret abundance that can come from it if you look for it.


Athena Taddei, President

Little Fish Big Pond Inc.