The Power of Personality

We’ve all heard of the phrase, or dare I say, excuse, ‘personality conflict’. These two words are often used to justify our actions and blame others for theirs.

Are you the justified who feel you have:

peers that you feel are undermining you?

superiors that seem incompetent?

team meetings where you think nothing actually gets accomplished?

Well, what about your customers/prospects?

Do you find some of them impossible to impress – the one’s we call the-know-it-alls?

Are there others that you cringe at when you see their name on call display?

What about the ones whom you just can’t get to sign on the dotted line, yet seem totally into what you are selling them?

These people aren’t being difficult. They are merely misunderstood and the problem lies with our inability to understand our own personality’s strengths and weaknesses, and those of our peers, and customers.

…and the hint to solving all of our communication issues is in understanding that we are all different. No one better or worse, just different. Each with different perspectives, filters, fears and motivators, all of which are necessary to running a successful company.

For example, do you know which of your peers and customers:

fear – rejection, loss of control, change, or criticism?

crave – power, praise, perfection, or security?

hate – small talk, dilly dalliers, pushiness, or know-it-alls?

value – bottom line info, relationships, teamwork, quality control?

DISC personality profiles and workshops offered, through a certified facilitator (such as me, hint, hint), will help you and your staff, learn to identify, communicate, and motivate those peers and customers who have different perspectives, filters, fears, and motivators. At the same time, they will learn what personal growth areas are necessary for themselves.

And when they learn this, the improved quality of communication within your organization will help:

resolve conflicts,

build effective teams,

improve productivity,

develop effective leaders,

train a powerful sales force, and

improve customer experiences dramatically!!!!!


Athena Taddei, President

Little Fish Big Pond Inc.