Frequently Asked Questions

No. You are on a month-to-month subscription.

No. You can cancel your account at any time.

No, because you are on a month-to-month, there are no refunds to give back.

You sure do. While you have an active account, you can export your entire data through a csv file, or just the contact portion of your data through a csv file that is ready to be imported to Outlook.

So long as you have an internet connection, you can use any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile) on the current version of all major browsers, i.e. Google Chrome , Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox on PC & Mac; Safari on Mac; and iOS and Android WebKit browsers.

We offer lots of training. As a user of our platform, you have access to The Learning Tank where we give you a growing number of articles and videos to help use The Fish Tank to your advantage and how to grown your business.

All Fish Tank subscriptions will have their credit cards charged on the first of each month.

Awesome. You can sign up anytime and your charge will be pro-rated that first month, so you are not paying for the part of the month that you are not using.

The Fish tank accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

You will be billed in Canadian Dollars and will see the charge from Little Fish Big Pond Inc. on your credit card statement.

A reasonable attempt will be made through email to let you know if your credit card has been denied or has expired. We will give you a 14-day grace period to reactivate your card without interruption to your Fish Tank service.

You will be able to use to use your account until that month’s payment has expired, at which time your account will be disabled.

Yes, we’d love for you to come back to The Fish Tank. We hold your data for 12 months from the date of your cancelation at which time all of your data will be deleted.

We have provided an area called Payment History in your admin section, where you can view and print each monthly statement.

We have also provided an area in your admin section where you can track your data usage and number of emails you are sending, so that you are never running over. We doubt however that that will ever happen because we give you so much in each package.

It’s not a problem. We will notify you via email when you have come to your limits that month, at which time you can easily upgrade your package.

Each image you upload will be reduced to 100KB, so you will have lots of space to add reference images to your projects.

Signing up is easy at You don’t need to speak with anyone. You can sign up online as get immediate access to your Fish Tank subscription!

We are all about charging you for only what you need. In other words, you only buy as many subscriptions as you need.

Signing up a team is super easy at You’ll be asked how many licenses you want and of what variety.

That’s not a problem. Once you as the administrator of your company account have set up your admin page, you can easily add more licenses while you are in the application.

Sure. For organizations who are looking to sign up 50 or more users, you can contact us at and we will make arrangements for a webinar.

You sure do! We have professional service, business development, and technical experts that are happy to provide you with email support, so you never feel abandoned.

Absolutely not. That’s our job! You will never have to install any new functions, take care of back-ups, manage server upgrade, or worry about security compliance.

The Fish Tank uses Amazon Web Services (EC2 & S3) to securely manage user data. Amazon operates one of the largest and most secure data centers available. For more information on Amazon's security infrastructure, please visit As an extra precaution, each user's project data is stored in a separate database for complete data isolation. Web connections to The Fish Tank are encrypted using a secure connection via TLS 1.1 and above.