Pricing Packages

The Fish Tank gives you equitable access to all the features at one affordable price.

We don't withhold certain features from small businesses, forcing you to upgrade to access all that you need at unaffordable prices. Nor do we make a company pay for a block of licenses if they only need a certain number.

Hey, we don't even make you pay for a year at a time. We have one product, at one price, billed once a month.

We do have 3 plans, but they offer the exact same features. The only difference is how much storage space you think you might need and how many emails you think you'll send each month. Again, never making you pay for more than you need.

Package A
per user/month
You get it all!
The same features
for every package.
2 GB of storage
4,000 Emails
Package B
per user/month
You get it all!
The same features
for every package.
5 GB of storage
10,000 Emails
Package C
More than
50 users?
Email us for
value pricing.
You get it all!
The same features
for every package.
Email Now

* Prices are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to applicable taxes.

Take a look at what every package gets

Reporting Structure – Create your organizational hierarchy

Prod/Service Categories - Easily add and track your best sellers

Email Marketing Tool – Easily communicate with the client demographics in your Fish Tank

Project Log – Manage each project, track progress, update statuses, and invite colleagues to help

Dashboards – Keep a pulse on your progress, so you know where to improve

Progress At-A Glance – Always know where you stand

Business Goals – Always know where you're heading

Goals vs. Actuals – Always know where to improve

Learning Tank – Access to a growing number of curated business articles and videos

Actionable intelligence - Pre-populated reports at the click of a button
Master Sales Reports
Master Demographic Reports
B2C Client Demographics
B2B Client Demographics
Custom Reports
Sales Pipeline
Reason for Decline
Cash Flow
Project Management
Product / Service Categories

Account Settings
See how much of your GB and emails you've used all month
Change passwords
Upload your photo
View and print your subscription payment history
Export your data via CSV